Tuesday, December 20, 2005

How about using a Reality Show to Decrease Middle East Violence!!!!!

Could a Realty Show be used to decrease Middle East Violence and Tension?

Changing the situation in the Middle East in one area, one town, would essentially prove that the attitude in the entire region could potentially be quite different.

If the political leaders of Canada, Japan and Australia had enough sense to recognize that war in the Middle East was a genuine threat to their own citizens, (which obviously is the case in our age of weapons of mass destruction), then I would suggest that we put our secret services to work on this problem and disguise the whole thing, as a movie or major television event. I suggest, making a movie or TV series, about the making of a movie or TV series, that is an obvious attempt to reduce or eliminate the death toll of Israeli citizens at the hands of terrorists and at the same time make IDF anti-terrorist strikes almost unnecessary, in at least this one town where this movie or series is the major industry.

Palestinians will know for sure that if there are several hundred actors from around the world living in and around their community, the probability of that community being bombed by the IDF would go way down!

Lets say that we find this town, what do we do next?

OK, some of our major characters in this movie are actors posing as perhaps Canadian, Japanese and Australian secret service agents who have came up with an elaborate plan to reduce tension between Palestinians and Jews. These guys and gals are pretty sharp so they decide to completely bypass the UN or any other governmental body so we make up cool or humorous other names for these nations but anybody can figure out which countries are involved, (using the real names for our nations would actually be possible too).

Lets have our brilliant secret service types try to solve a few other problems in Canada and Australia at the same time that we earn our nations major brownie points, all at the same time that we hit our taxpayers with little or no cost for the project because, remember, this is disguised as a public event that should be profitable.

Our native people are noted for incredible courage in times of warfare but the levels of alcholism and suicide on the reserves at this time is among the highest in the world. We could attempt to prove the theory that making a large number of our native people famous and wealthy would tend to reduce hopelessness on the reserves especially if we could reduce unemployment by a vast expansion in our make believe military for this and related projects. Resentment of First Nations peoples by either Jews or Palestinians should be lesser than the tendency to mistrust the typical white male, after all, it has been estimated that the white settlers murdered as many as one hundred million First Nations peoples as they colonized North America. Our ancestors used to trade or give blankets as a gift to native peoples, but the blanked was infected with the small pox virus that the native people had no immunity to. (Now you know why it is a grevious insult to give a gift of a blanket to any of our first nations peoples if you happen to be invited to a wedding).

One possible method to add a more peaceful type of conflict to this program would be to have our nations in the series come up with the idea that various tribes or even religious affiliations could have their very own divisions. Maybe we could have a division/brigade of a particular tribe vote on the issue of who they personally favor in this situation, and they decide they really identify with the Palestinians. Another tribe, such as the Cherokee would perhaps tend to agree moreso with the Jews.

We will need serious numbers of unknown actors to play the role of soldiers and massive numbers of the local Palestians become actors, playing the role of the local Palestinians. The local Jewish community plays the role of the local Jewish community.

OK, so how do we drastically reduce or eliminate fatal terrorist strikes by terrorists thus making IDF retaliation entirely unnecessary in this area?

One possible method would be by the enforcement of numerous safety regulations for the local designated terrorists. Our soldiers enforce the wearing of proper protective gear for all terrorists. We have already proven on some of our network programming that we can take a human being and wrap him/her in layers of protective material and pretty much drop a bomb on them without their getting hurt.

This protective equipment though makes movement very slow, and makes a person look like the Michelin man, so surely all fleet footed Israelis would be quite safe from properly attired terrorists.

The possibility for humor here is great and viewer interest could be quite high. If we screen our actors for guys whose ethics actually include committment, we could potentially even run into a lot of marriages between our stars and the local Palestinian girls who might not mind immigrating to Canada, the USA or Australia.

Although good Jewish girls would not be supposed to marry Gentile guys from other nations, Israeli immigrants from the former Soviet Union tend to be less concerned about this sort of thing!

Many North American girls certainly prefer men who are dark complexioned so the male Palestinian and Jewish actors in this movie had better beware that they don't get snabbed by our girls!

Ofcourse if this show was broadcast all over the Middle East as well as in Europe and North America, just seeing how one area solved their problems could tend to improve the mood in the entire region!

"And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do." (Genesis 11:6).

Was the Eternal correct that we humans can accomplish pretty much ANYTHING that we put our minds to work on?

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth, (Genesis 1:26).

Since we are made in the image of YHWH, it seems logical to me that perhaps we possess vastly greater capacity to solve the messes that we are in than we have previously imagined.

"in the latter days ye shall consider it perfectly" (Jeremiah 23:20)